Friday, November 26, 2004

I survive untill day 2 =)

waddap!!'s my blog this time..haha..did this untill 5 o'clock last nite..
lotsa new stuff had been added in ..such as chatter box,pics and visitor counters..haha...i'm getting a hand in this..almost know how to read the code in template and adding stuff can't be better than Sharon's but it can be better than my sister's...haha =].. woke up quite late..waiting 4 my cousin to come..coz she's bringin'
The Increadible 4 me to watch =)
well..on the other hand..feelin' sad this days...had a fough wit ely recently..she's angry at me 4 some reasons that i dont even know..o wellz =) wut to do.
anywayz...i'm gonna end this lar..wanna find more stuff to add in my site =]!


nathalie said...

muahaha ... forgot to bring the incredibles ( or how you spell that word) .......... sorry jean .......... bring it next time when i come over ...... bit of a hurry just now so i forgot ...... =>

Sharon said...

haha hey! dont worri, sure can be better than mine wan! ;) ur doin' a great job! good to see ur posting everyday =D hehe! keep it up! =)