Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chor Dai Dee!!

aiks, hand itchy to chor dee lerr...! YESTERDAY was the last day of school.. sad yet happy =)...played chor dai dee and other games the whole time.. ehheee.. di-gelar as chor dai dee queen cose always win.. lols.. not always but most of the time =).. took pics with Jie Ying's camera.. after school was also fun.. played with Wj's bottle and water..lols.. and louis's dint-work-drama was funny yet lame! ahhahahaaa!!! hmmphs, the pic from genting cannot upload.. dumb comp can't read it.. maybe cose got paul's pic in it.. lols.. took very little pics only.. heheheee!!

Yesterday went to Wa-RaKu for dinner.. it's some Japanese-Sushi place.. haha yurps, not restaurant,place! =P.. anyways.. the food was awesome! ahaha.. well of cose.. its SUSHI !!! went with Amanda and her family.. hehee!.. quite boring after i read what i just wrote.. lols.. oh wells... malas to write edi.. =P