Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas + Happy Thanks Giving !!

Had BBQ dinner last night!! my very 1st celebration for Thanks Giving and Christmas =). It's so fun! hehe.. Made loads of food.. lamb chop,beef,turkey,sausage! yum! the turkey wasn't as good as the rest.. lols.. anyways,1st had dinner with family.. only family + Sarah.. after a whole loads of fun.. it was giving present time!! my aunty gave her younger sis condoms!! hahaa funny! and keenan was playing it it!! aiks.. he filled it with water and was bouncing it.. ahahah quality no good cose it broke easily. ahahha!! i was laughing like mad!! lols.. after family time.. took loads of pic with Lauren and rest.. ehhehee.. fun fun times.. Keenan took most of the pics! haha he was so happy!! dint wanted to go home samo! lols.. anyways, as time goes by,Jessie's fren started to show up! and it was a real party.. ahhahaha.. it's so funny seeing them and all.. fun funny ppls.. anyways.. was laughing like mad the whole time! Oh rite.. we also made smarsh.. it doesn't taste good to me.. ahah i hated it.. so not nice to eat..!anyways, then there's fireworks!! it's damn nice.. ehehe.. Merry Xmas everyone! ahha.. after a while..Ely showed up.. ahaha got all high.. went to shout "Merry Xmas" to all the cars that passed by.. lols.. i'm CRAZY.. anyways.. had a blast last night.. ehehhehehehee!!

+ Mummie was scoling my uncle for blowing the fire.. haha

+ Kak KK helping to cook.. ahha.. she burned it.. lol,it was on fire!!

+ Lauren making smarsh.. having a great time

+ Me and Keenan making smarsh too!

+ Silly funny Sarah!

+ Yum Yum.. fish inside that silver bag thingy.. and its a dilemma! haha.. sucked

+ This is what happen if the 'COOK' ain't paying attention. blacky!

+ Lets fiesta!! heheee

+ Merry Christmas & Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!

+ Me eating!! yay! yum yum yum!

+ Oh gosh.. she's so full! ahha we feed her well! =)

+ Lady and the Tramp! hahahahahahaa

+ No presents for u..Dont have to be shocked!

+ I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... =P

+ Ahahahhahahaha!! Keenan playing with you-know-what !

+ Ely and i having fun laughing !! lols

+ Funny Lauren and Silly Jeanette

+ Lauren and I infont of the door!

+ My santaria and I.. ahahah same place!



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