Friday, February 04, 2005

lets start out by yesterday..heheh..okie..yesterday went school as usual..had bm,moral and others...weell to tell u the truth..i only pay attenshion to bm..i don't know why...moral..the most shocking period..yeah..haha...dont dont like it?? no t'hcer come in one..during paul,vincent and jung kai play some stupid game..damn fucking pain man!! neva ever play man!! on the other hand..wj keep pinchinb my cheaks..sooo bloody pain larr!!! all red edi...haihs..anyways..after that the most boring period!!! math!! stupid t'cher ..i also donno his name..hehe..teach donno which chicken in class...fucker donno how to teach go home lar!!..then it was ENGLISH!! PN ONG!! lagi wanna sleep!! she teach us by telling us stories!! neva once teach us one!! time when she wanted to start teaching and she said the word 'phantom' the bell rang..hahaha...damn funny!! okie anyways..after that school ended!! yay! but gotta stay lar.haha..after eating lunch at the canteen..saw Thiam Foo walking..i laugh like mad till cried..haha..jia wen was damn happie tho' she can't stop jumping up and down!..HAHA..after he left...went follow zhee yi and vivian go lepak..walk here and there..hehe..after bored of walking went play bb wif some guys..hey at least i got the ball!! haha...suddent;y it start raining...darn...zhee yi samo dowanna when to the pondok there...then start kacau-ing tanya and wai chuan..hehehe...thoes love bird..haihs...after finish kacau-ing them when kacau ler..heee..

okie..that's partly wut happend yesterday...well today!! dint go school..hehe so much 4 my full attendence..hehhe.malas lar..anyways..din't do much today..practically nothing at all!!! donno wut u say..hahaha...cious!

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