Sunday, October 30, 2005

Chor Dai Dee!!

aiks, hand itchy to chor dee lerr...! YESTERDAY was the last day of school.. sad yet happy =)...played chor dai dee and other games the whole time.. ehheee.. di-gelar as chor dai dee queen cose always win.. lols.. not always but most of the time =).. took pics with Jie Ying's camera.. after school was also fun.. played with Wj's bottle and water..lols.. and louis's dint-work-drama was funny yet lame! ahhahahaaa!!! hmmphs, the pic from genting cannot upload.. dumb comp can't read it.. maybe cose got paul's pic in it.. lols.. took very little pics only.. heheheee!!

Yesterday went to Wa-RaKu for dinner.. it's some Japanese-Sushi place.. haha yurps, not restaurant,place! =P.. anyways.. the food was awesome! ahaha.. well of cose.. its SUSHI !!! went with Amanda and her family.. hehee!.. quite boring after i read what i just wrote.. lols.. oh wells... malas to write edi.. =P

Friday, October 28, 2005

lol, genting was FUN FUN FUN!

=P.. genting was fun!! especially at night! full of fun-ness! well.. took the bus+cable car up but went down wid a LIMO!! hahaha.. it's not that diff from other cars,went up there..waited for ely and wj ler.. then we went play most of the rides.. not that nice.. hahaha.oh wells.. in the First World room, Yu Ming and Paul was playing with icecream then kena each other.. they were so pissed at each other.. damn dumb! then YuMing decided to follow Jackson down! ahhahaha left Paul!! it's so luck that he din't go down cose i know he did have loads of fun at night!! wow! so,we SHIFTED to the suit room in Highlands!! it was breathe taking!! it was so big and nice with bathe tub and all!! it was awesome!! but unfortunately wj's sis came up so we gotta move room! but that room was nice too with the sliding bathe room door next to the bed side! hehheheeee.. and paul broke it when we wanted to peak in while he was showering but Ely opened the sliding door too soon and he wasn't striped!! then he got angry and faster faster close the door and then he broke it.! ahahahhaa!! cose gotta close slowly.. lol.. then we gotta help him put the door back togather while Ely was talking on the phone with u-know-who! and she was listening to songs over the fone! lame-ness!!.. after all that.. went to get coffee!! hehehe then started to play cards after me and Paul rushed to the shop that was gonna close.. it was actually closed but the door wasn't so we went in a buy.. ehheehhee.. played blackjack and chor dai dee!! hahhaha i beat pauls ass like mad!! he so suck!! lol... then sleep lerrrr.. the next morning woke up and play again!! ahhahahahahaa! ely had a bubbly bath in the tub!! lol..

it was fun lerr... thank god ZHEE YI dint go!! hahaha! good for her..! oh wells.. kinda woosie now! hahaha... wanna sleeep! nighty night!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

OMG,its finally happening =)

yay! going to Genting tomoro!! I'm so excited! wohoo! i should be going up wid WJ one, but ended up gotta teman paul and yu ming! it's sad, but i think it's gonna be fun!! yay!! i'm so excited.. donno if can sleep tonight! =) =) oh wells.. today school was OKAY.. it's also kinda fun! cose got long perhimpunan and all.. and the teachers dont really care if we were making noise cose they bz hugging all the form 5s! lol.. GOOD LUCK IN UR SPM! =) oh. happy-ness!! Ely also can go!! i always knew she can go.. altho' starting she can't, but she always make it!! i'm so proud!! lol =P.. so.. just came back from buying foods for the trip! it's very exciting! and i dont have to see that girl i hate there! argh her!! she's a stand-up-girl.! she's stand u up! get it? get stood up? oh anyways, yay!! GENTING!! hehehee... oh wells.. gotta pack!! eheheeee! see u soon! =) love ya loads.. and have a great HOLIDAY to everyone and BEST OF LUCK TO THE SPM-ers!! woo!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

hope its not a dilemma!

went to school on Monday and it sucked.. lol. was so bored and did almost nothing! oh wells.. then today i decided not to go time and fuel =P. so stayed home and did nothing least its better in school.. so,watched some movies and just hang back.. then paul sms-ed me and told me that zhee yi is not goin.. she's an ass.. i knew it to have trust my inner self not to invite her but i din't listen to myself.. she made up this lame reason she can't go and blah blah! hate her so much!! anyways,still kinda pissed.. haha... kesian paul, i swear on him so badly.. hahaha sorry! >.< anyways, at least his going.. NOT LIKE ZHEE YI! i dont care writing her name her tho'.. u'll know the feeling i'm feeling now once u get to know her.. besides that, now having a great chance for Ely to go!! yay..very happy.. kinda.. mostly everyone is asking me to postphone it, but i dont want to.. it's just too excited to wait another week.. i mean we can go again some other day with Jing Kai booking a suit =P lol.. oh wells.. so.. hopefully my wish in my wishlist do come true! i'm wishing upon my shining star so that Ely can come wid us and have a great time togather!... did i mention that i hate Zhee Yi? eh.. well i do! so badly.! anyways.. hopefully my wish comes true by morning! lol..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

blek >.<

TODAY!! nothing special.. woke up blah blah.. anyways.. my aunt came to my house after went up to Genting.. told her that i wanted to go with my frens too but we need an adult to help us book the room.. so it was a dilemma before she said that my grandparents are goin up this comming Thursday.! i was so excited that what i planned might just come true.. so called everyone asking them to goo!! hehe.. eventually only wj comfirm that she can go... Kim Chong and Sharon couldn't go cose they have this CF play thingy goin on.. its just sad.. anyways.. just wish they could go!! oh wells... asked ely and Kim Yap to go too! they both were also as excited as i am.. ehehe was..whatever.. lol.. =P ..and then i asked Jen to go.. but she couldn't .. waste all my credit.. haihs.. how i wish she could go.. it will be more fun with her!! Jen pls read this!! =).. anyways.. it will be a BLAST goin genting with frens!! oh Tanya might be as Kei.. but i doubt they can go.. Kei aready have her plans for the day.. but hope she can cancle them and come with us!! eheheee.. oh wells.. let's just see what happens next... but hopefully we will have the fun-ness as i imagine we will =P...

p/s: Jen please go!! i'm gladly to have u there with open arms and open smile? lol..

so, went to TNT Kickboxing with my sis just now after dinner.. gosh.. i was damn full !! ehehehe anyways, went to TNT to feed the cat..haha her name is DOG..a cat named DOG.. lol.. oh wells..... wanna sleep edi.. heheheheehe hopefully we're goin have a great day tomoro....

Saturday, October 22, 2005

teaching time! =p

morning! lol, can anyone like Sharon or Kei or anyone teach me how to change my background.. tried it yesterday but tak jadi ler.. heheee oh wells.. me myself dont know why i re-live-kan this blog.. hahahaa... oh wells.. jobless girl ;P
It's morning and i'm bloging? saddening.. well,there's nothing else to do.. friendster is getting boring and its no exams letalong school for me =P * lol *
anyways, i hope Paul is aight.. he's really in pressure and a hard time.. so as ely.. altho' u guys think that she's doin it cose she likes wai hoe or so rumours says.. but she's doin it for herself and i'm here to surpport them.. it gets kinda bad when i gotta jadi the middle person and all.. but its aights...and she dont like Wai Hoe!! anyways, hope u guys move forward ler.. ANYWAYS,!! i wanna change my layout to badly! so if anyone of u know how.. pls please tell me ler.. ehheheee! thanks..! anyways.. have a nice day! =) i know i am going to! Its a Beautiful day with nice Smilling Sun !!

Friday, October 21, 2005

hehee... i'm backk! hopee u dint miss me that much !

weeeeeeee heheheeee!!! just bored.. took me sometime to recall back my anf finally, i did.. its kinda funny.. anyways...just testing for now! =P