Friday, December 31, 2004

Family Potrait

~if there is a fren potrait...there must be a FAMILY POTRAIT TOO!..hehe..~

Frens Potrait

~frens pic!! come along!!...SMILE!!..hehe..on the left its...*me jean* * jun cheng* * zamir* * kim* * elyza*.. hehe ely wasn't ready!!..hahaha...~


~no comment...*mouth shut*..hehe..well its cos i said everything about this pic up there ledi..hehe..well..wut have i gotta say?? hmmmmmpppphh...ohh..jun cheng is gona put his middle finger!! in front of me so ppl think i put it...nice job dude =]~


hey all!!..happie new year!!

heys!!! happie new year!!! 1st of all.. i wanna wish congrats to all the student who sat for PMR..heheeee.. well..second of all..i wanna tell u guys that i wont be posting any more unless i have some thing to say...but i'll be adding more pic into my guess this is all 4 now's the last BUT not the least..hehe =]...


Me In Blue...Fai Chai In Pink??

-Heys!! its me...heheeee...i was jobless.. and i always am.hehe..this pic wan took on NEW YEAR EVE!!.heheee..happie new year!!!! woooohooOOoOoOoOOo..-

~this is me and my teddiee...his name is fai chai..(jobless).hahaha...same as me!! as gurl as teddie..=) have fun all'!!! muaks!!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Family Picture..BUt Where's My bro??

My family and i...we were at shangri-la hotel on Chinese New Year..we were having a great time there... there Nathalie,Me, Jessie , Mummie and Lauren..jackson was taking the pic..hehe..we were eating "loh sang"..yum yummiee..hehehe...

Me And Ely At My Hse!

took this picture when ely came to visit me..she's my best fren along wit kim..i miss u guys so much!..

Saturday, December 11, 2004

holiday's fun babes!!

heys long neva rite ler..miss me??? anyways...when holidays mah..hehhee....and it was fun...went taiping then peneng then back to taiping then ipoh.. hahah cool onot? hehehe...anways. damn boring!! haha...guess where am i now??? i'm in a cyber...hahah...damn chun...!!! my 1st time!! thannks to my cousin and they fren..heheh...having lotsa fun!!..alltho' i miss home ,but..i'm gonna spend the rest of my teenage life there rite?? hehehe....well..damn pissed today..stupid cry baby cousin of mine...gotta wait till she sleeps then only can come mahfan..on the other all pays of after sitting down in fornt of the so called 'beautiful computer'..haha =]well...donno wut to rite ledi!! malas to rite samo, ...ciou for now ler!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Wut A Unluckly Day


Guess wut??!! my IC is Missing!!! I'm so scwered!! i have search high and low 4 it but still can't find it......haiz..

I donno where i put it or maybe i droped it...the last time i saw it was last monday when i took it out..but i'm sure i did put it back in my purse!..damn it..haiz..

its a sad day..hahah...anyways... can make new wan sap sui lar... :)...well now i donno wut to rite ler..hahahah...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Music Is Part Of People's Life...My Lifeee


well today is full of music in my head...haha..been watching alot of music video such as curtain fall-blue,predictable-good charlotte,true & on the way down-ryan cabrera,and many more that i cant remember ..hehe :)

watched lotsa CSI too hehe..everyday must watch wan..not on my comp..
whole day in my room...neva go out in a while ledi..i wonder how's the world any new buildings?? hahaha..

on the other hand..its been a rainy day..altho' its raining but it's still hot..why arr?? hmmpph..whole day on MSN too...but no 1 to chat...damn bored..haiz...i wonder how am i gonna spend the rest of my yr b4 school starts..hehhe..

hey its kinda weird dont u think?? schooling days we dont feel like goin school but non-schoolong days i feel like goin to school...haha..its weird...hmmph..i wonder wut class am i goin in to next yr.hope its same as my frens...that would be cool!!..hahahhaa..

so..this is all for today..wanna continue on my CSI..hehe.. ciou!!
loves lots to all visiting my webbie!!haahahhahaha :)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Wut A Boring Day 4 Me! =[

Heyya...wut can i say today??? damn angry man...stupid sista...she thinks she's the best..yeha my ass lar!!..damn pissed...feel like deleting her blog...anyways..i just finish watching 4 love or money..hehe..

Well.MAYBE i'm goin to Taiping mom neva makes up her mind untill last must stand by to pack my cloths..haha..on the other hand,i'm havin' fun seeing and doin this takes my boredness away..haha =) maybe coz i have something to do..haha..

So...its raining here ..cant really watch tv..hehe..i'm home alone..donno wut to do saddening rite?? can do wut i want by cant really do that coz there's nothing i wanna do!!!

I guess this is all i'm gonna rite 4 now..haha..maybe later gonna rite again if i have the "mood" to..~ciou~

I survive untill day 2 =)

waddap!!'s my blog this time..haha..did this untill 5 o'clock last nite..
lotsa new stuff had been added in ..such as chatter box,pics and visitor counters..haha...i'm getting a hand in this..almost know how to read the code in template and adding stuff can't be better than Sharon's but it can be better than my sister's...haha =].. woke up quite late..waiting 4 my cousin to come..coz she's bringin'
The Increadible 4 me to watch =)
well..on the other hand..feelin' sad this days...had a fough wit ely recently..she's angry at me 4 some reasons that i dont even know..o wellz =) wut to do.
anywayz...i'm gonna end this lar..wanna find more stuff to add in my site =]!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

i'm getting a hand on this!

hehe..i'm starting to get damn pissed off!! but thankz to Sharon..everythings okie..
haha..but haf to add more cool stuff and all..!! hehe..well it's 1 o'clock and i'm getting abit clumsy..haha..starting to press wrong button..=)
almost deleted the chat box..but luckly I found a way to fix it after having a ruff time..hehe..

my teddie bear!!

~my teddie bear...his name is fai cute!!! >.<'...~

me and carmen at school hall..

~Me and Carmen playing UNO at the school hall during science was fun..we were laughing our head off..LOL..~

Yay my 1st post =)

heyy heyy...Just started this blog..Thanks to Sharon 4 guiding me..haha..Thank U!
I started this cose I'm bored and I visited Sharon's page and said to myself
'hey this is preety cool lets jus do one too'..ahha..I know my page sux but hey i'm only starting!!=]