Wednesday, November 30, 2005

okay, pictures =)

yay,so remember i said i was bored and have nothing to do,well,okay, i'm bored.. took loads of pictures of my house..some also brought back many many good+nice+loving memories about my childhood and stuff i did when i was young.. hehee.. take a look on what i took.. hahaha anyways,what can i say.. i'm jobless and BORED BORED BORED....

*My old bedroom.. ain't it small.. haha long yet small

*My name on my cupboard.. altho' the E got eaten my donno who.. lols

*My bro's 'ex' bedroom.. and now its currently mine!! hehe,it's kinda bigger

*My comfie bed.. eheheee =)

*The spot where i always hangout.. hahaha.. the comp place.. lol

*My bro's old books and stuff.. it's so full of stuff

*All the James Bond books.. Also bro's stuff

*Now this is my stuff.. Photo's og my childhood and also my lava lamp!

*All the orange stuff on my table

*My fav photoframe.. from Ely and Eli.. hehee.. also Kimi's name!

*Uhh.. this is my door.. 'djuice,make you you'

*This is Jessie's door.. She stole that from school.. hahaa

*Jessie's messy messy room.. my room looks so much better

*I like this pic.. all her stuff

*Look at that.. my gosh! all her begs and jackets and books.. gosh!

*Uhh.. do u see what i see?

*Take a closer look!! yays

*Would u look at that! put a hamster in,it will never come out..

*Ah,the toilet sign.. it ain't at my door..Jessie's!

*Thats my toothbrush there in the orange bee hive..Jessie's in the bear.. and Jack's one is gone..

*I know what u guys are thinking.. haha. it's all my sis's friends one.. Ely's one is the white one.. FYI

*My mummie's room.. Like mother like daughter don't u think?

*Sexy fighters and ELY's round table =)

*Ahh.. My best fren.. the Laughing Buddha! ain't he just cute.. =]

*Hahaha,there's nothing in it eventho' it looks full.. but,there's nothing!!

*The clock that does not tick..

*Its Ely's old house's window..look at the grass growing.. my gosh!

*The place where i always climb to chat with Ely back then.. =)

*It is loosing it's touch! lols!

*The wine keeping place.. many are missing these days.. uncle come,one bottle gone.

*Awww.. my poly pocket.. use to clean this everyday last time.. haha

*The ugly fake fish that was sitting in the house for quite sometime.. use to play ping pong with my bro somewhere near there when i was little..and look what happend to it

*The ping pong did it.. hahaa.. my bro glue-ed it back.. and i dont think my mom know about it.. not even now! =) =)

*This tree is unbelievable!! it was a tiny tiny lil tree and now it grown! its as high as the roof! can see it thru my old room window!! hahaa

*Last, an old picture of us last time.. hehehe

oh wells.. taking picture of all those stuff really got me thinking about my childhood and the fun time me,my bro and my sis had togather.. i really miss that.. hehee

bored+nothing to do+dying

din't do much today and the rest of the week . bored till i'm going crazy.. i need to get outta this house and have lots of fun!! damn it.. oh wells.. ely so tottaly suck today.. she scared the shyte outta me!! she so sucked! hahaha anyways.. i told her that i got headaches and always feel like vomiting but can't.. and also i said my period was late this month! then she so smart told me that i was PREGNANT and at time i was having like really pain headache and was so dumb to believe her! hahaha.. i wasn't thiking that time ler.. i was like choi choi,touch wood and all.. and i totally believed her! so after that,she was talking about virgin mothers! hahaha.. and i believed her even more! hahaha wtf rite.. i know! after some time.. i started to realise all she said was crap and ridicolous! hahahaa how slow am i man! hahahaa.. anyways.. she so suck! Ely u scared 10 years of shyte out of me today and u will get it SOON!

eh, Ely, i got very very good feelings that u'll be pregnant before me ler... ahhahaa.. and maybe u won't even know who's the father.. ahahahahah kidding!! =) oh wells... that was partly my day.. just chatting away and watching friends.. bored bored.. it's a boring life.. i gotta do something about it ! hahaha =) Jeanette is gonna make a change! lols.. that even sounds funny.. hahaha.. i'm off now.. what to do next? hmmm... we'll see..

Oh and Ely.. i won't forget today.. TODAY! u're so gonna pay.. hahaa..

crossword all day long

i still got my headaches!! and now it really hurts badly.. sometimes i can't even stand up! damn swimming!! oh wells.. who ask me to walk under the rain.. haihs.. my heads really gonna burst to flames! it hurts damn alot.! anways.. ahaha.. despite that, did crossword the whole day.. it was fun.. it even made me forget all about my headache and all.. but now.. it's back!! oh wells.. did afew crosswords.. was bored.. eheheheee... i wanna go buy crossword book!! it seems fun at this time!! hehehee... oh wells.. did almost 5 crossword today.. the 1st one was about cluedo! took me damn long cose i dint know it was about cluedo! hahaha.. then oother 4 was genaral stuff shtye.. eheheee... fun fun! learned alot of new words.. its kinda better than reading book! lolss! oh anways..

weekend swimming+squash+swimming again

so.. ely came my house last saturday.. it was fun fun! my aunt was here too.. she cooked popiah! it was fun to eat/make/wrap it.. hahaha.. so anyways.. after ely came keenan was all over her! he likes her alot.. hahaha.. he was following where ever she went.. it was funny.. anyways, then we went to Hartamas Shopping Center.. there's like nothing there!! Ely went to buy top up! we went to so many shops there and no one sells it.. so while walking we saw another shop so went in and thank god they sells them! haha.. bought this jelly drink to drink while walking.. went in Times bookstore then we got halau-ed out.. bloody hell.. hahaha.. it was fun tho' so drank finish then went back in and read mag there.. after that.. went to Ely god mum's hse to swim plus play squash! we both are really getting better in that game!! we can now hit the ball for quite long till it touchs the floor! hahaha.. oh wells.. went swimming then,cousin followed.. and she dont know how to swim! it was so funny when i pushed her down the swimming pool! hahaha.. she was splashing the water everywhere.. funny-ness.. so.. after that cousin went back 1st.. me and ely still enjoy swimming.. hahaha.. after that feel like playing squash again.. so we did.. that time we were all tired and all.. so played for awile then went back home.. my cousin dint log off her MSN and some of her frens started calling her fuck+bitch+asshole and all.. so me and ely started fighting with them too.. calling them all sorta bad words and all.. after a long time.. added Louis and Kei in the convo.. they started trash talking and they did really out say them! hahaha.. funny.. oh wells.. went to bed then..

we wanted to start the day off early and go for a morning walk to her anut's house again.. but then, we slept till 12 something.. hahaha.. i know i know my bed is comfy! ahaha.. so.. nothing else to do,followed my sis to TNT to feed the cat.. ahahha.. funny.. a cat named Dog.. oh wells.. i dint knnow Ely was afarid of cats.. werido.. she keep climbing this tall thingy when the cat goes near her.. and it was funny when she climb up so high.. after few hours there.. went back home.. ate early dinner then walked to ely aunt's hse again.. it was fun walking.. hahaha.. reached there straight away went for a swim till 8 something.. and it was raining.. ahhaha.. maybe thats why i got headache now and now!! hahaha.. so..after shower me and Ely went TNT again.. was waiting for ely's sis to come pick her and all.. but she dint come.. so we went back home.. watched OTH and it was almost 1 something.. so her father called and came to pick her up! hehee.. so.. my weekend.. i had loads of fun!! hahahaa.. thanks Ely! lolss!

Monday, November 21, 2005

future F1 drivers starting point..

There's bumper cars in Genting as u all know.. ahahhaa.. i was so shocked that there was f1 cars there.. ahahhahaha.. Formula One bumper cars! that could work for F1 wannabeS! ahahhaa.. but karting is much better.. yet.. it looks fun for youngster.. ahahhaha.. funnny! anyways... went up genting twice.. ones was with frens and ones with my aunty and all.. it was fun but not as fun as i though it will be.. ahhahaha.

:: Bumper cars for formula wannabes! hahahaa

:: Ely,Me,and Jinn in the room!

:: clockwise.Paul,jinn and me playing Chor Dai Dee!! fun fun fun!! lols =)

:: the threesom again! hahaha.. poor paul.. only guy there.. good for him!

:: it was dark! can't really see.! and paul's hand was shacking! useless!

:: waiting for Ely and jinn! paul was jobless.. took pic of everything!

fun fun! lets go genting again! it will be fun!! yay!

squash,swimming, house! all breathetaking!! hahaa

went to Ely's aunty's house recently! omg! it's so big!! very very nicee! hahaa.. went there stayover..omg it was so fun! went swimming at night..hahah scary it was dark! then my sis came over too! hehee.. played squash with ely.. noob! we simply hit only..hahaha it was damn fun! we were laughing like mad.. then when i serve..the ball went up high and got stuck on the netting up there.. ahhaha.. it was so funny! and it cant come down.. so ely's sister and her sister's fren try to hit it down with another ball but it went in aswell! ahahha.. super funny!! then went back my house to get more squash balls! ahhahahahaa played again in the morning.. then one more went in! wht ler.. hahaha.. they should put a net thingy there.. so, we dint dare to play again..after go in AGAIN.. so.. we went at the back of the pool and saw one very long stick! took that to take the balls down.. aahhaha.. got it back!! then went swimming.. ahahha.. sucked and drank damn alot of water.. lols..! it was fun and less scary! hahahahaha!!

* i could tie my hair! ahhaha.. i dint know..! lol.. only knew how to tie pony tail =)

* i was jobless that night!! ahahaa

* do u see the orange thingy on my head!! ahahhahahaha!! funny!!

* me and ely in her aunty's guess room!

* and again!

we had loads of fun that time!! thanks ely!! hahahaa

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it's beeeen a long time =D

so long never blog here edi.. been blogging in friendster. kinda like there more cose it's nice bloggin there,lol! oh wells..another meaningless day for me! got woken up by a bunch of fone calls! darn! gonna off my fone when i'm sleeping! it's okay to call ler, but call to ask me to do something when i was currently sleeping,get lost ler!my mom is always calling nowdays cose she knows i dont pick in the house fone so now call my handfone! every morning call me to hang clothers,keep the clothers,open door for her fren, this lar that lar! argh, it will soon drive me crazy! so,din't do much today, just chatted and watched Meteor Garden. that show is so damn dramatic! and the way they speak, damn kasar only.. lols =) HuaZe Lei is damnnn cute! ehehee.. but they loooks gay.. to me,all chinese groupie,singers looks gay.. like Jay Chou! eek! but not all looks gay.. like Louis Koo,Edison Chan! =) hehee. Anyways,like normal lor.. stayed at home alone whole day with nothing to do. i wonder what is it like if i dont have a comp in here! i'll probablt watch all the movie i have lying around the house.. and thats alot! but most probably sleep! lols. =) so anyways, climb up my sis cupboard with a normal chair and a stool ontop of the chair, open a big container there and took out all the F1 Racing magazine to read/flip! Mika Hakkinen is so damn.. ugly! (seriously!) oh wells, then had nothing else to do altho it was like evening aready..

So, me and Ely was taking about our pass as a neighbour,yes we were neighbours. thats how we kinda know each other besides school =) i used to go over her house ALL THE TIME! it was so fun! always go her house to play this computer game,Boomber Man, it was damn fun! lol.. we also walked to Patronas and Vege World all the time to buy sweets and stuff.. kinda like me and Laila last last time when we were much younger! but now, dont even dare walking out without someone else.. no fun! everyone live near me has all gone away! Ely,Kim,Laila,Sarah.. all ciou just like that! sad! very very sad! anyways, fantasize-ing what would it be if all of them were here,will my holidays be less boring,will my life change? Totally!! it would be funner than it is now! oh wells..

who knows what the future holds....

Friday, November 04, 2005

baby centre

went to my aunty's house last weeek! it's seriously a baby centre there.. there's like so many babies there.. but my aunt only takes care of 3. Keenan,my cousin,Yen May,my grandmother's sister's in-law,and Viona,some neighbour's twins.They are all so cute.. Keenan's the naughty one.. and Yen May is the one always get bullied by Keenan.. He dont really like her.. i wonder what.. he likes other babies but not her. weirdo!! hahaha oh wells.. it hard for me to sleep there cose its damn noisy with the cryings and screaming and disturbing! aiks! but it was fun to bathe them,feed them,change them.. the making milk part wasn't so bad too! it fun there.. they can actually company u..they are all so cute!! and chubby! heheee.

`This is Yen May..She's posing for the cam.. hahaa..

`It's Vena,Viona's twin sister.. she was clapping her hands!

`Naughty boy Keenan.. yet he is smart for a 4 year old boy!

`See,he likes babies but not Yen May! weird!=)

`twins! but one looks preetier than the other one.. Vena looks better than Viona!lols

`Its me and Keenan! heheee

`Its me and Vena! Viona wasn't there..=(

`Its me and Yen May..Keenan was making me laugh

`Oh its me and Viona! hehe.. she moved! aiks!

`my auntyS! lol.. they are sure funny!! lols..

`Keenan is eating all the cheese cake! that's his third slice! argh!

Ohh.. most of the pic were taken by Keenan!! ahahahaa.. what a photographer! ahahhaha.. is that a word.. hmmms.. photography!! hahahaha.. oh wells.. fun fun times!!