Saturday, November 27, 2004

Music Is Part Of People's Life...My Lifeee


well today is full of music in my head...haha..been watching alot of music video such as curtain fall-blue,predictable-good charlotte,true & on the way down-ryan cabrera,and many more that i cant remember ..hehe :)

watched lotsa CSI too hehe..everyday must watch wan..not on my comp..
whole day in my room...neva go out in a while ledi..i wonder how's the world any new buildings?? hahaha..

on the other hand..its been a rainy day..altho' its raining but it's still hot..why arr?? hmmpph..whole day on MSN too...but no 1 to chat...damn bored..haiz...i wonder how am i gonna spend the rest of my yr b4 school starts..hehhe..

hey its kinda weird dont u think?? schooling days we dont feel like goin school but non-schoolong days i feel like goin to school...haha..its weird...hmmph..i wonder wut class am i goin in to next yr.hope its same as my frens...that would be cool!!..hahahhaa..

so..this is all for today..wanna continue on my CSI..hehe.. ciou!!
loves lots to all visiting my webbie!!haahahhahaha :)

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