Friday, November 26, 2004

Wut A Boring Day 4 Me! =[

Heyya...wut can i say today??? damn angry man...stupid sista...she thinks she's the best..yeha my ass lar!!..damn pissed...feel like deleting her blog...anyways..i just finish watching 4 love or money..hehe..

Well.MAYBE i'm goin to Taiping mom neva makes up her mind untill last must stand by to pack my cloths..haha..on the other hand,i'm havin' fun seeing and doin this takes my boredness away..haha =) maybe coz i have something to do..haha..

So...its raining here ..cant really watch tv..hehe..i'm home alone..donno wut to do saddening rite?? can do wut i want by cant really do that coz there's nothing i wanna do!!!

I guess this is all i'm gonna rite 4 now..haha..maybe later gonna rite again if i have the "mood" to..~ciou~

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