Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wut A Day..

Heys...haihs..damn long neva blog edi..hehe..starting from now..u all will see changes..haha....anyways...

Today had school...damn it..another 3 days to go!!.haha..okie okie..erm..chat-ed wif Ely and Nadirah and Jen and Wai hoe and Benson and Kim and ohh..jus look at kei without opening my mouth..she now damn arr..so..LANSI!! really..see me also neva say hie wan..haihs..wut to do..got saperated by PN.SIM!! thanks alot.i really appreciat it..hmm..after the bell rang..had super long assembly today..leg also pain edi..=]

After that had PJ..yey.hehe..after we went down then gotta sit here doin nuts..finally they let us play..so we played bb..hehe..such fun..but so long neva play edi so...well..as always only get to touch the ball when we check..hehe..oh and as always i only can like score ones in every game..why is that arr?? haihs..

After that had seni..damn boring man..spice up abit lar Pn.Sim...hehe..then she scoled me cos i go 2c to change..why cannot isit?? sue me lar..haha.kiddin' lar..then was recess...nowday cant see him edi..not same time..sooo sad..i know i know..hehe

Then was science..Pn.Loh..she's nice..but she talks to soft..can't hear lar t'cher..haha then suddently Pn.Ong came in and start asking us who wrote the assey about tsunami thingy when this boy was holding on a cocount tree..then suddently a lil' boy held on to his leg as when the waves came the boy kicked the lil' boy at the face cos he was to heavy..HAHA..so mean..

KH!!! hate kh..haha actually not really lar..hehe..went down to put the so called 'shit' into the pots..while doin it i TERkena Jen's leg.and she was like " ahh got shit on my leg"..damn funny..hehe..sorrie ler..after sweating under the hot hot sun.we went to the dewan tertutup for the AJM..joined bb..hehe oh man tomoro got AJM for rumah sukan..no one teman me..so sad..!!anyways..after that go home time.hehe..went to the bus stop wif ely..after everone went home then only i go..after came back home and ate my lunch..i realise that i left my paperbeg at the bus stop..haihs..then freak out lor..hehe called my mom then my mom called aunty Cindy to go get it..luckly it was still there..so careless..hehe..that's me lar..u cant blame me!!..hehe...after bathing..chated awhile then went to bed.hehe..my daylie routine..ehehe....

Well..this is partly my day..

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