Friday, October 28, 2005

lol, genting was FUN FUN FUN!

=P.. genting was fun!! especially at night! full of fun-ness! well.. took the bus+cable car up but went down wid a LIMO!! hahaha.. it's not that diff from other cars,went up there..waited for ely and wj ler.. then we went play most of the rides.. not that nice.. hahaha.oh wells.. in the First World room, Yu Ming and Paul was playing with icecream then kena each other.. they were so pissed at each other.. damn dumb! then YuMing decided to follow Jackson down! ahhahaha left Paul!! it's so luck that he din't go down cose i know he did have loads of fun at night!! wow! so,we SHIFTED to the suit room in Highlands!! it was breathe taking!! it was so big and nice with bathe tub and all!! it was awesome!! but unfortunately wj's sis came up so we gotta move room! but that room was nice too with the sliding bathe room door next to the bed side! hehheheeee.. and paul broke it when we wanted to peak in while he was showering but Ely opened the sliding door too soon and he wasn't striped!! then he got angry and faster faster close the door and then he broke it.! ahahahhaa!! cose gotta close slowly.. lol.. then we gotta help him put the door back togather while Ely was talking on the phone with u-know-who! and she was listening to songs over the fone! lame-ness!!.. after all that.. went to get coffee!! hehehe then started to play cards after me and Paul rushed to the shop that was gonna close.. it was actually closed but the door wasn't so we went in a buy.. ehheehhee.. played blackjack and chor dai dee!! hahhaha i beat pauls ass like mad!! he so suck!! lol... then sleep lerrrr.. the next morning woke up and play again!! ahhahahahahaa! ely had a bubbly bath in the tub!! lol..

it was fun lerr... thank god ZHEE YI dint go!! hahaha! good for her..! oh wells.. kinda woosie now! hahaha... wanna sleeep! nighty night!!

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