Wednesday, October 26, 2005

OMG,its finally happening =)

yay! going to Genting tomoro!! I'm so excited! wohoo! i should be going up wid WJ one, but ended up gotta teman paul and yu ming! it's sad, but i think it's gonna be fun!! yay!! i'm so excited.. donno if can sleep tonight! =) =) oh wells.. today school was OKAY.. it's also kinda fun! cose got long perhimpunan and all.. and the teachers dont really care if we were making noise cose they bz hugging all the form 5s! lol.. GOOD LUCK IN UR SPM! =) oh. happy-ness!! Ely also can go!! i always knew she can go.. altho' starting she can't, but she always make it!! i'm so proud!! lol =P.. so.. just came back from buying foods for the trip! it's very exciting! and i dont have to see that girl i hate there! argh her!! she's a stand-up-girl.! she's stand u up! get it? get stood up? oh anyways, yay!! GENTING!! hehehee... oh wells.. gotta pack!! eheheeee! see u soon! =) love ya loads.. and have a great HOLIDAY to everyone and BEST OF LUCK TO THE SPM-ers!! woo!!

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