Tuesday, October 25, 2005

hope its not a dilemma!

went to school on Monday and it sucked.. lol. was so bored and did almost nothing! oh wells.. then today i decided not to go school..save time and fuel =P. so stayed home and did nothing also..at least its better in school.. so,watched some movies and just hang back.. then paul sms-ed me and told me that zhee yi is not goin.. she's an ass.. i knew it to have trust my inner self not to invite her but i din't listen to myself.. she made up this lame reason she can't go and blah blah! hate her so much!! anyways,still kinda pissed.. haha... kesian paul, i swear on him so badly.. hahaha sorry! >.< anyways, at least his going.. NOT LIKE ZHEE YI! i dont care writing her name her tho'.. u'll know the feeling i'm feeling now once u get to know her.. besides that, now having a great chance for Ely to go!! yay..very happy.. kinda.. mostly everyone is asking me to postphone it, but i dont want to.. it's just too excited to wait another week.. i mean we can go again some other day with Jing Kai booking a suit =P lol.. oh wells.. so.. hopefully my wish in my wishlist do come true! i'm wishing upon my shining star so that Ely can come wid us and have a great time togather!... did i mention that i hate Zhee Yi? eh.. well i do! so badly.! anyways.. hopefully my wish comes true by morning! lol..

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