Saturday, October 22, 2005

teaching time! =p

morning! lol, can anyone like Sharon or Kei or anyone teach me how to change my background.. tried it yesterday but tak jadi ler.. heheee oh wells.. me myself dont know why i re-live-kan this blog.. hahahaa... oh wells.. jobless girl ;P
It's morning and i'm bloging? saddening.. well,there's nothing else to do.. friendster is getting boring and its no exams letalong school for me =P * lol *
anyways, i hope Paul is aight.. he's really in pressure and a hard time.. so as ely.. altho' u guys think that she's doin it cose she likes wai hoe or so rumours says.. but she's doin it for herself and i'm here to surpport them.. it gets kinda bad when i gotta jadi the middle person and all.. but its aights...and she dont like Wai Hoe!! anyways, hope u guys move forward ler.. ANYWAYS,!! i wanna change my layout to badly! so if anyone of u know how.. pls please tell me ler.. ehheheee! thanks..! anyways.. have a nice day! =) i know i am going to! Its a Beautiful day with nice Smilling Sun !!


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