Wednesday, November 30, 2005

crossword all day long

i still got my headaches!! and now it really hurts badly.. sometimes i can't even stand up! damn swimming!! oh wells.. who ask me to walk under the rain.. haihs.. my heads really gonna burst to flames! it hurts damn alot.! anways.. ahaha.. despite that, did crossword the whole day.. it was fun.. it even made me forget all about my headache and all.. but now.. it's back!! oh wells.. did afew crosswords.. was bored.. eheheheee... i wanna go buy crossword book!! it seems fun at this time!! hehehee... oh wells.. did almost 5 crossword today.. the 1st one was about cluedo! took me damn long cose i dint know it was about cluedo! hahaha.. then oother 4 was genaral stuff shtye.. eheheee... fun fun! learned alot of new words.. its kinda better than reading book! lolss! oh anways..

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