Monday, November 21, 2005

future F1 drivers starting point..

There's bumper cars in Genting as u all know.. ahahhaa.. i was so shocked that there was f1 cars there.. ahahhahaha.. Formula One bumper cars! that could work for F1 wannabeS! ahahhaa.. but karting is much better.. yet.. it looks fun for youngster.. ahahhaha.. funnny! anyways... went up genting twice.. ones was with frens and ones with my aunty and all.. it was fun but not as fun as i though it will be.. ahhahaha.

:: Bumper cars for formula wannabes! hahahaa

:: Ely,Me,and Jinn in the room!

:: clockwise.Paul,jinn and me playing Chor Dai Dee!! fun fun fun!! lols =)

:: the threesom again! hahaha.. poor paul.. only guy there.. good for him!

:: it was dark! can't really see.! and paul's hand was shacking! useless!

:: waiting for Ely and jinn! paul was jobless.. took pic of everything!

fun fun! lets go genting again! it will be fun!! yay!

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