Wednesday, November 30, 2005

weekend swimming+squash+swimming again

so.. ely came my house last saturday.. it was fun fun! my aunt was here too.. she cooked popiah! it was fun to eat/make/wrap it.. hahaha.. so anyways.. after ely came keenan was all over her! he likes her alot.. hahaha.. he was following where ever she went.. it was funny.. anyways, then we went to Hartamas Shopping Center.. there's like nothing there!! Ely went to buy top up! we went to so many shops there and no one sells it.. so while walking we saw another shop so went in and thank god they sells them! haha.. bought this jelly drink to drink while walking.. went in Times bookstore then we got halau-ed out.. bloody hell.. hahaha.. it was fun tho' so drank finish then went back in and read mag there.. after that.. went to Ely god mum's hse to swim plus play squash! we both are really getting better in that game!! we can now hit the ball for quite long till it touchs the floor! hahaha.. oh wells.. went swimming then,cousin followed.. and she dont know how to swim! it was so funny when i pushed her down the swimming pool! hahaha.. she was splashing the water everywhere.. funny-ness.. so.. after that cousin went back 1st.. me and ely still enjoy swimming.. hahaha.. after that feel like playing squash again.. so we did.. that time we were all tired and all.. so played for awile then went back home.. my cousin dint log off her MSN and some of her frens started calling her fuck+bitch+asshole and all.. so me and ely started fighting with them too.. calling them all sorta bad words and all.. after a long time.. added Louis and Kei in the convo.. they started trash talking and they did really out say them! hahaha.. funny.. oh wells.. went to bed then..

we wanted to start the day off early and go for a morning walk to her anut's house again.. but then, we slept till 12 something.. hahaha.. i know i know my bed is comfy! ahaha.. so.. nothing else to do,followed my sis to TNT to feed the cat.. ahahha.. funny.. a cat named Dog.. oh wells.. i dint knnow Ely was afarid of cats.. werido.. she keep climbing this tall thingy when the cat goes near her.. and it was funny when she climb up so high.. after few hours there.. went back home.. ate early dinner then walked to ely aunt's hse again.. it was fun walking.. hahaha.. reached there straight away went for a swim till 8 something.. and it was raining.. ahhaha.. maybe thats why i got headache now and now!! hahaha.. so..after shower me and Ely went TNT again.. was waiting for ely's sis to come pick her and all.. but she dint come.. so we went back home.. watched OTH and it was almost 1 something.. so her father called and came to pick her up! hehee.. so.. my weekend.. i had loads of fun!! hahahaa.. thanks Ely! lolss!

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