Wednesday, November 30, 2005

bored+nothing to do+dying

din't do much today and the rest of the week . bored till i'm going crazy.. i need to get outta this house and have lots of fun!! damn it.. oh wells.. ely so tottaly suck today.. she scared the shyte outta me!! she so sucked! hahaha anyways.. i told her that i got headaches and always feel like vomiting but can't.. and also i said my period was late this month! then she so smart told me that i was PREGNANT and at time i was having like really pain headache and was so dumb to believe her! hahaha.. i wasn't thiking that time ler.. i was like choi choi,touch wood and all.. and i totally believed her! so after that,she was talking about virgin mothers! hahaha.. and i believed her even more! hahaha wtf rite.. i know! after some time.. i started to realise all she said was crap and ridicolous! hahahaa how slow am i man! hahahaa.. anyways.. she so suck! Ely u scared 10 years of shyte out of me today and u will get it SOON!

eh, Ely, i got very very good feelings that u'll be pregnant before me ler... ahhahaa.. and maybe u won't even know who's the father.. ahahahahah kidding!! =) oh wells... that was partly my day.. just chatting away and watching friends.. bored bored.. it's a boring life.. i gotta do something about it ! hahaha =) Jeanette is gonna make a change! lols.. that even sounds funny.. hahaha.. i'm off now.. what to do next? hmmm... we'll see..

Oh and Ely.. i won't forget today.. TODAY! u're so gonna pay.. hahaa..

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