Friday, November 04, 2005

baby centre

went to my aunty's house last weeek! it's seriously a baby centre there.. there's like so many babies there.. but my aunt only takes care of 3. Keenan,my cousin,Yen May,my grandmother's sister's in-law,and Viona,some neighbour's twins.They are all so cute.. Keenan's the naughty one.. and Yen May is the one always get bullied by Keenan.. He dont really like her.. i wonder what.. he likes other babies but not her. weirdo!! hahaha oh wells.. it hard for me to sleep there cose its damn noisy with the cryings and screaming and disturbing! aiks! but it was fun to bathe them,feed them,change them.. the making milk part wasn't so bad too! it fun there.. they can actually company u..they are all so cute!! and chubby! heheee.

`This is Yen May..She's posing for the cam.. hahaa..

`It's Vena,Viona's twin sister.. she was clapping her hands!

`Naughty boy Keenan.. yet he is smart for a 4 year old boy!

`See,he likes babies but not Yen May! weird!=)

`twins! but one looks preetier than the other one.. Vena looks better than Viona!lols

`Its me and Keenan! heheee

`Its me and Vena! Viona wasn't there..=(

`Its me and Yen May..Keenan was making me laugh

`Oh its me and Viona! hehe.. she moved! aiks!

`my auntyS! lol.. they are sure funny!! lols..

`Keenan is eating all the cheese cake! that's his third slice! argh!

Ohh.. most of the pic were taken by Keenan!! ahahahaa.. what a photographer! ahahhaha.. is that a word.. hmmms.. photography!! hahahaha.. oh wells.. fun fun times!!

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