Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it's beeeen a long time =D

so long never blog here edi.. been blogging in friendster. kinda like there more cose it's nice bloggin there,lol! oh wells..another meaningless day for me! got woken up by a bunch of fone calls! darn! gonna off my fone when i'm sleeping! it's okay to call ler, but call to ask me to do something when i was currently sleeping,get lost ler!my mom is always calling nowdays cose she knows i dont pick in the house fone so now call my handfone! every morning call me to hang clothers,keep the clothers,open door for her fren, this lar that lar! argh, it will soon drive me crazy! so,din't do much today, just chatted and watched Meteor Garden. that show is so damn dramatic! and the way they speak, damn kasar only.. lols =) HuaZe Lei is damnnn cute! ehehee.. but they loooks gay.. to me,all chinese groupie,singers looks gay.. like Jay Chou! eek! but not all looks gay.. like Louis Koo,Edison Chan! =) hehee. Anyways,like normal lor.. stayed at home alone whole day with nothing to do. i wonder what is it like if i dont have a comp in here! i'll probablt watch all the movie i have lying around the house.. and thats alot! but most probably sleep! lols. =) so anyways, climb up my sis cupboard with a normal chair and a stool ontop of the chair, open a big container there and took out all the F1 Racing magazine to read/flip! Mika Hakkinen is so damn.. ugly! (seriously!) oh wells, then had nothing else to do altho it was like evening aready..

So, me and Ely was taking about our pass as a neighbour,yes we were neighbours. thats how we kinda know each other besides school =) i used to go over her house ALL THE TIME! it was so fun! always go her house to play this computer game,Boomber Man, it was damn fun! lol.. we also walked to Patronas and Vege World all the time to buy sweets and stuff.. kinda like me and Laila last last time when we were much younger! but now, dont even dare walking out without someone else.. no fun! everyone live near me has all gone away! Ely,Kim,Laila,Sarah.. all ciou just like that! sad! very very sad! anyways, fantasize-ing what would it be if all of them were here,will my holidays be less boring,will my life change? Totally!! it would be funner than it is now! oh wells..

who knows what the future holds....

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