Wednesday, November 30, 2005

okay, pictures =)

yay,so remember i said i was bored and have nothing to do,well,okay, i'm bored.. took loads of pictures of my house..some also brought back many many good+nice+loving memories about my childhood and stuff i did when i was young.. hehee.. take a look on what i took.. hahaha anyways,what can i say.. i'm jobless and BORED BORED BORED....

*My old bedroom.. ain't it small.. haha long yet small

*My name on my cupboard.. altho' the E got eaten my donno who.. lols

*My bro's 'ex' bedroom.. and now its currently mine!! hehe,it's kinda bigger

*My comfie bed.. eheheee =)

*The spot where i always hangout.. hahaha.. the comp place.. lol

*My bro's old books and stuff.. it's so full of stuff

*All the James Bond books.. Also bro's stuff

*Now this is my stuff.. Photo's og my childhood and also my lava lamp!

*All the orange stuff on my table

*My fav photoframe.. from Ely and Eli.. hehee.. also Kimi's name!

*Uhh.. this is my door.. 'djuice,make you you'

*This is Jessie's door.. She stole that from school.. hahaa

*Jessie's messy messy room.. my room looks so much better

*I like this pic.. all her stuff

*Look at that.. my gosh! all her begs and jackets and books.. gosh!

*Uhh.. do u see what i see?

*Take a closer look!! yays

*Would u look at that! put a hamster in,it will never come out..

*Ah,the toilet sign.. it ain't at my door..Jessie's!

*Thats my toothbrush there in the orange bee hive..Jessie's in the bear.. and Jack's one is gone..

*I know what u guys are thinking.. haha. it's all my sis's friends one.. Ely's one is the white one.. FYI

*My mummie's room.. Like mother like daughter don't u think?

*Sexy fighters and ELY's round table =)

*Ahh.. My best fren.. the Laughing Buddha! ain't he just cute.. =]

*Hahaha,there's nothing in it eventho' it looks full.. but,there's nothing!!

*The clock that does not tick..

*Its Ely's old house's window..look at the grass growing.. my gosh!

*The place where i always climb to chat with Ely back then.. =)

*It is loosing it's touch! lols!

*The wine keeping place.. many are missing these days.. uncle come,one bottle gone.

*Awww.. my poly pocket.. use to clean this everyday last time.. haha

*The ugly fake fish that was sitting in the house for quite sometime.. use to play ping pong with my bro somewhere near there when i was little..and look what happend to it

*The ping pong did it.. hahaa.. my bro glue-ed it back.. and i dont think my mom know about it.. not even now! =) =)

*This tree is unbelievable!! it was a tiny tiny lil tree and now it grown! its as high as the roof! can see it thru my old room window!! hahaa

*Last, an old picture of us last time.. hehehe

oh wells.. taking picture of all those stuff really got me thinking about my childhood and the fun time me,my bro and my sis had togather.. i really miss that.. hehee

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